Bentley Flying Spur

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur offers an experience that has become lost to other carmakers: one of unparalleled craftsmanship and refinement. 


The Flying Spur is the most powerful saloon made by Bentley. Between its bulging wheel arches rests one of the world’s most advanced 12-cylinder engines – 552 hp 6-litre and twinturbo charged, that’s capable of a top speed of 312 kmh. From as low as 1,600rpm, the W12 engine produces 650Nm of torque – a phenomenal figure that ensures that whatever the circumstances, vast reserves of power and acceleration are always available.


The interior is a masterpiece. It can take one of Bentley’s seamstresses three days to complete the intricate leather work on the steering wheel alone. And the wood veneers are taken from trees after seven or more decades of growth. Every inch of leather or strip of wood that goes into the car has been crafted to perfection. Wood is the foundation of a Bentley tradition and many of the techniques used today have developed over nearly 90 years of production.
The mirror-matched veneers are renowned the world over, for this difficult and exacting process involves placing successive veneer leaves end to end to make a perfect, symmetrical pattern across the entire car. Everywhere you look in the cabin you’ll discover small finesses that signal a more refined approach. It’s quite simply the ultimate expression of style and exclusivity and it’s available for you to savour and enjoy.


Inspiration for key elements of the Continental Flying Spur’s interior came from earlier Bentleys. A deep, generous wooden waistrail – a characteristic Bentley tradition dating back to the 1930s – runs the length of the cabin, producing a feeling of cossetting protection and opulence, while a seemingly endless list of luxurious touches, such as seats that offer a relaxing massage or four-zone climate control, create a world where comfort is guaranteed.

To ensure that cabin refinement, already a hallmark of every Bentley, is unparalleled, a comprehensive range of enhanced noise reduction measures has been added to the Continental Flying Spur’s already impressive acoustic suppression technology. The complex double-glazed windows are augmented by new tri-laminate acoustic underbody trays and wheel arch liners to absorb additional road noise – thereby ensuring that the feeling of escape from the outside world is heightened even further.

From the rear of the Continental Flying Spur you will find controls within effortless reach for everything from individual seat adjustments – including being able to move the front passenger seat to suit your legroom – to individual climate zones, as well as full communications and entertainment settings.