It’s a rare opportunity to create a day exactly as you want it and to leave a lasting impression long after the speeches have ended and the honeymoon has begun!

As Australia’s rarest and most exclusive Bentley wedding sedan, our Continental Flying Spur will transport you to another world – one which is normally the preserve of wealthy celebrities, captains of industry and others of significant privilege. There are many things that are striking about this vehicle but one which makes it truly special is the very rare colour combination of black-on-black.

When a bride arrives at the church, she is the absolute centre of attention. Everybody’s watching; wanting to experience that unmistakable magic that happens when the bride alights from her chariot. But more often than not, the bride is overshadowed by a large white or silver vehicle, competing for the cameras’ attention.

The bridal car should never steal the limelight but rather, perform the perfect supporting act. 

A blushing bride in pristine white literally sparkles when she exits the luxurious black interior of our black Flying Spur. It makes for stunning photography – an incredible entrance and a statement that says, “I have arrived.”


Stretch Limousine also Available


Our Bentleys will accommodate up to four passengers each. If you have a large contingent that requires transportation, we have a solution.

Our black 10-seat 300C stretch limousine is an ideal accompaniment to the Bentleys. Able to transport an entire entourage, it provides a practical supporting role to the lead vehicle/s, without stealing any of the limelight.

Presented in a similar colour to the Bentleys, the stretch limousine won’t look out of place; rather, it blends in beautifully with the same understated elegance as its more exclusive siblings.

We service most parts of Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Geelong and the Yarra Valley. For a full list of all suburbs service in the greater Melbourne area, please click here.


A blushing bride in a pristine white gown will literally sparkle when she exits the luxurious black interior of our Flying Spur.